My story about Jackpot Grand Casino

When it comes to online gambling the industry has certainly come a long way. Gone are the days of seedy sites hosted in countries you’ve never heard of promising the sun and the stars as bonuses for signing up. It seems like early in the 2000’s every theif, hustler and small time crook put up what appeared to be a legitimate online casino and wtched the dollars roll in from the unsuspecting public.

It was the wild west.

A new era of gambling

Thankfully however, things have changed and customers are largely protected from those who would take advantage of them. I have a friend from Japan who says that there is a saying in their country “every mouse deserves his shot at the jackpot grand.” Obviously it loses some of it’s meaning in translation but what it basically means is that every man deserves the chance to shoot his shot, to risk what he has for what he wants.

It’s a concept as old as time. A primal feeling that has been handed down over generations, to risk comfort and security for excess and the opportunity for something better. Entire nations have been forged on the principal and fortunes have been made by steely eyed men who saw their ambitions through till the end.

There’s a bit of gambler in us all.

A gift from the east

It was with this in mind that my friend from Japan recommended to me what he call his favorite online casino. When I first clicked the link I was a bit skeptical but after using the site for six months I called him and told him that I’d finally found my online home. I made my first deposit and never looked back.

The very first thing that struck me was the sheer number of games available on the website. The site claimed there were over 600 games to play but I wasn’t sure that could be believed. I was pleasently suprised to discover that not only were there that many games to play each one was unique and high quality. This is not the norm for most online sites or any mobile casino I had tried in the past.

I decided to dance with lady luck on the online slots portion of the casino and managed to win a few hundred dollars my first week on the site. Now usually when you win so early in your membership the casinos like to play games with your money but the withdrawl process was painless. I had my money paid out via western union within 5 business days. Not bad.

The form and usability of the site is definitely a treat. Everything is smooth and loads fast. Drop down menus make it easy for you to keep track of your bankroll and assign any games to an online favorites menu. I was involved in 3 poker and 2 blackjack tournaments and was able to track everything easily. After winning my first poker tournament I was automatically paid one of the many bonuses that the site offers.

The first month I used the site I actually put down no deposit as they were running a very attractive membership special. I’ve found those to be common place after being a member for over a year. Bonus codes were routinely sent to my e-mail and there were even recommended apps sent to my inbox that gave me the gambling thrill I needed when I was away from my laptop.

Now all that is well and good but what about the freebies? Well besides the awesome apps that were sent to me I was also automatically entered into periodic lotteries that paid out according to how much you bet over a specified period of time. This allowed me to increase my winnings from 30%-50% in the first 12 months. Nothing to be scoffed at.

Know thyself

It’s important to mention that gambling is not for everybody. Before you sign up for any website that asks for your money it’s important to do your homework and make sure you are ready for the risks involved. After reading this review you are probably excited to get started and I’m sure you will do well but it’s the wise man who checks the wind before setting sail.

I believe the world belongs to the risk taker. He who dares to be great and is too stubborn to be distracted by life’s trivial situations. What he wants he will have and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop him. It is these men who shaped this world and anyone born of this mentality is a benefit to humanity. If this is you then I wish you goodluck and godspeed.

After discovering the site I sent my friend an e-mail thanking him and signed it with a little twist on that old japanese saying “The only thing seperating the mouse from the man is the jackpot grand.”